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Do you feel like you're trying to do everything at once and struggling to achieve your goals?
It's time to get empowered and take control of your life.
Whether you want to take on new challenges, balance your personal and professional life,
or discover happiness, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.

With transformational coaching, you'll learn the mindset and strategy you need to succeed.
You'll have support and accountability as you pursue your dreams and make meaningful progress.
Stop settling for less and start living the life you truly want.
Dare to make a change and unleash your full potential.

A little note from me to you:

Maria Duckhouse
Maria Duckhouse

Hi! Thank you for visiting my website today ^_^
I know just how hard it is sometimes, to stay positive when you're working so hard yet feel like you're drowning.
You might be leading a busy life, others see as very successful. Yet, you feel stuck, struggling to see real progress
because there's always more & more things to sort out.

The thing about being overwhelmed isn't just feeling tightness all over
- It's also not knowing where or what next step needs taken which can make us sink even lower.
Under performing at work as well having decreasing quality time with loved ones due to increasing workloads etc..
I'm here for women who want to change this; helping them reduce stress & achieve work/life balance
without having to quit their job or take a leave of absence.

If this is something you would be interested in, book a free breakthrough session today

Many blessings, Maria
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Private One-on-One Personalised Coaching Services & Courses accessible anywhere in the world, to support you in achieving any goals you set your heart on, without burning yourself out in the process

Get Aligned to Lead With Purpose

Work in alignment with your soul's purpose to increase your success tenfold.

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Get Aligned to Lead With Purpose

Life Mastery Blueprint

Unleash Your Potential, Find Balance, and Thrive
(reducing stress at work and claiming true happiness)

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Life Mastery Blueprint

Breakthrough Coaching Programs

Stop procrastinating and increase your productivity without burning out.

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Breakthrough Coaching Programs
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Coaching Certification Stamps

Coaching Certification Stamps
Coaching Certification Stamps
Coaching Certification Stamps
Coaching Certification Stamps
Coaching Certification Stamps
Coaching Certification Stamps

Breakthrough Procrastination

Here's your chance to embrace the power of coaching and uncover a whole new perspective.
There is no pitch but I'll be happy to tell you how we could work together to get you back on track.
All I ask is that you bring an open mind and a desire to solve an issue as you'll be able to share with not judment whatsoever.
This will enable us to find the root of the issue so we can create an exciting plan to fix it.


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