Kindness, efficiency, high energy

My biggest breakthrough working with Maria was definitely quitting my day job to pursue my artistic dream and becoming a freelance painter. After years complaining about my office job, after years of being chronically depressed and profoundly unhappy, I took the time to reassess what's important for me as a person, and not as society would like me to be, and I found that the answer was quite simple but scary, to be my own boss as a freelance watercolorist.

The thing is, when working with Maria, you must be prepared to put everything on the table and be honest with yourself. Maria helped me, not only to find a purpose in my life but also to find the confidence within myself to be in charge of my own future. More than a coach, she has been a friend, one who could tell me clearly when I'd screwed up, but also one who knows how to congratulate me for my success and cheer us up when things don't go as planned. Thanks to her, and our many sessions, I learned to learn from my mistakes, to see my setbacks as lessons, and to recalibrate my focus on what really matters to me.

Be prepared for your life to go from 0 to 180! It's for the best, and you're going to work hard but when the results will start to show you will never want to look back again, I promise!

Kindness, efficiency, high energy.

In the last 3 years since I started to work with Maria, whenever needed, I'm always coming back to her for new projects in my life. First was my mindset, and how to embrace my own self, my uniqueness, and be the best version of myself, and recently I came back to her for my business. I know she knew about me being unhappy with my old work but she never pushed and let me come back to her when I was ready. And, as always, I wish I went to her sooner, because the things I was the most scared of, were soooooooo easy to tackle thanks to her guidance! I wish everyone could experience the feeling to be supported by her, it's absolutely thrilling to see your life change for the best and I know that couldn't have done it without her help.

Empowering, inspiring and greatly rewarding

my biggest breakthrough was to understand what truly was blocking me from reaching the next level I set for myself. And finally, with persistent effort and support, not only reaching it but doubling the expected result.

what I liked the most about working with maria, was that I never felt judged with her. In our sessions, she is there for me, exactly as I am. No need to pretend to be more or less. It's so freeing. This really helped me over my hangups and created a trust I had not experienced before even with my family. There are always expectations and slight disappointment and maybe shame involved but I was able to leave that during our sessions, I think that's what makes them so liberating.

I would tell someone looking to work with her to just try it out. I had coaches before and had been disappointed with the service I was provided so I can understand. But she came highly recommended to me, we connected during my free planning session and I wanted more.

Working with her is empowering, inspiring and greatly rewarding.

Thank you, Maria! You know love working with you, Liz x

Lisa G.

Made over 15k

"Since I invested in myself with Earn Your Worth I made over 15,000 dollars

in profits, Maria's coaching has completely surpassed our expectations."

Alix R. ... Freelance Designer

" An exceptional experience!"

It helps to understand yourself so much better!

The reading with Maria was an exceptional experience!

She shared her wisdom with me and it was so easy to talk to her!

The entire experience was very empowering!

Juhi ... Tarot Reader

"Helped me to reach my fullest potential"

The biggest breakthrough I got from working with Maria Duckhouse was being able to empower myself.

What I liked the most about working with Maria is that she is straightforward, very confident and knowledgeable.

I would tell someone thinking about working with her to go for it!

The 3 words I would use to describe working with her are: Knowledgeable, confident and patient.

Maria helped me to reach my fullest potential. I wasn't aware of my own intellectual competencies because I wasn't challenged enough.

Fatima G.

Fatimata G.

Our sessions have been transformational !

Coaching with Maria has really helped my business... in so many ways.
For example, if you want strategies that work and effective strategies,
Maria's got you covered.

I also have a more positive outlook and as I result, I challenge myself more.

My business has benefited from me doing more and investing more than I previously did.
Our sessions have been transformational and it's exactly what I needed to achieve the results I wanted.

Ariana D. ... Business Developer

Completely surpassed my expectations

"Coaching with Maria has completely surpassed my expectations and has been worth much more than I paid. I will recommend her highly :). It's exactly what I needed to boost my business."

Nannette E. ... Network Marketer

"Double Our Income for the last 2 months"

My business is transformed after working with Maria.
It's fascinating, I didn't know coaching could be so rewarding! I had been stuck on an income plateau for 2 years and I was still chasing clients. Since starting m coaching, I have a structured plan that really supports me and the work we do. I am clear and focused. It's amazing how much you can accomplish when you are not spending it worrying. And the best part is that we have been able to double our income for the last 2 months! There are no words to fully express my happiness, Thank you so much!!!!

Kate Luttier ... COO

Love our coaching calls

"Maria, your stuff is the bomb! Love our coaching calls. I'm always good to go after, and my business is now booming. I can't thank you enough."

Kate ... surveyor

Great service and support,

"Wow what great service and support, I love it! You are truly amazing to work with and your coaching delivers 100%

Maria, thank you sooo much!!! Definitely my best investment in my business."

Jennifer K. ... designer

Most valuable business resource...It's that good!"

" Maria's program has been the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased. It's that good!"

Morgan V.

I highly recommend working with Maria ...

"We're loving it. It's just amazing. Our only regret is not finding you sooner.

We love your coaching style so if you are thinking about it: I highly recommend working with Maria

especially if you want to run a successful online business!"

Philipa T. ... developer

I didn't even know I needed coaching

Met maria before she started her business, I wondered how she was doing and enquired about her business. After that chat, I wondered if I could try a session to further understand what she did as I was intrigued. And boy I was surprised! I ended up signing up and looking forward to my sessions. and the growth in my personal development and projects outcomes been amazing. I can't thank her enough! She is the real deal. Love, Amy

Amy W.

Gentle but firm coaching

I would still be drowning in overwhelm land without Maria's gentle but firm coaching.

I don't always clop, but when I do, it's because of working with her."

Maudie J.

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