How to Attract More Ideal Client

How to Attract More Ideal clients

How do I attract My Ideal Clients?

This question obsessed me for months when I started as an entrepreneur.

I understood that I needed to brand myself and somehow attract people like me but I didn’t get how it worked no matter who explained. Nevertheless, the best tip I was given on the subject was to think like a farmer or a gardener.

Like a Gardner:

Do Gardner sit and wait for their garden to flourish and be beautiful? of course not. It takes planning, dedications, analysis, trial and error and much more… hard work but the result is worth every second. The reward can take years to be accomplished but the garner knows he is creating, co-creating and that it takes time, cycles, there are rules and conditions to take into consideration but that the results are a promise.

How does a gardener achieve such results?

  1. First by preparing the soil carefully
  2. Then by planting the seeds in the spring.
  3. Watering and fertilizing the soil and seeds so they have all the nutrients they need to grow

Then enjoy the results when the flowers bloom or plants are harvested.

Many things can relate to the gardener’s analogy. When you plan on growing a successful business you’ll most likely want to follow a similar example.

Laying the Groundwork

You prepare the “ground/soil” or foundations by determining your brand, your voice, what your beliefs are and what you stand for. By getting clear on who you are, what you are not you can see what you bring to the market If you’re just starting out, you’ll have to spend time networking, to widen your to get to know your audience as well as building a reputation for what you excel at.

Here’s a list of things that can help you get started

  • Spending time with people in your niche.
  • Joining forums where your ideal clients spend time in.
  • Building a website or a landing page to start your mailing list.

This is only a short list, it’s a good start but feel free to add anything that will help form and strengthen the foundation of your business into a solid one.

Planting the Seeds

Staying with our gardening example, you plant seeds by creating content and products to sell. Why? because your posts, blog posts, reviews, articles, products etc… can be leveraged and “harvested” in the future. Although there is a considerable advantage to this type of seeding compared to a gardener’s or that of a production company. Your seeds are planed and can be harvested over and over again without needing to replant them.

In fact, many bloggers report that blog posts they wrote years ago continue to bring in new clients year after year, with little involvement on their part. Non-physical products can be sold over and over while podcast, videos, ebooks and more continue to bring people to your offers overtime and endlessly. Ideal right?

But you need to plan the seeds first, you need to do the work because this is a critical part of every business

But how do you put it all together?

Nurturing Your Crops

I use to hear about “set it and forget it” when I started looking for an alternative to a 9-5 job more than 10 years ago, unfortunately, that style of business rarely works and it never worked for me 🙁

Over time, I learned that nurturing is a more effective and less stressful as results are more predictable.

To do so:

  • Stay in touch with your email list
  • Update old blog posts with new ideas
  • Study your stats to improve your traffic and conversions
  • Improve your products as much as you can (your customers’ satisfaction will create more sales)

Yes, it does take work to attract your ideal client, but it’s not difficult Work. All that this strategy requires is consistency and a positive mindset especially at the start, the rewards can fantastic so you ought to try it.

To end here with our planting analogy, as with gardening,

As with gardening, this is a longer-term investment: of time, work and money.

“The work you do today and its impact, might not be visible now, but it will pay off in the weeks, months or years to come.”

So keep at it, ’cause the more you do it, the more consistently will you receive these rewards.

It’s gotta be worth it right? (^_^)

Have an amazing week,

Maria xx

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