My Top 3 Benefits of Life Coaching

Life Coaching

3 Powerful Benefits of life coaching

A lot of people could benefit from working with a coach, the problem’s that most of them don’t know they could. They don’t really know what a life coach online does.

Granted, it can be or seem complex. After all, most coaches have a specialty. And they do things differently.depending on their preferences, training, skills, life or work experience.

So what does a life coach do?

A coach’s aim is to expose your greatness by helping you find it and use it to your greatest advantage. It’s already in you. All it needs is a helping hand.

This is what you need if you want to discover what you’re really capable of.

Sometimes it’ll be very obvious, especially to others, but not to yourself. But most of the time, it requires digging; getting real and deep. And that isn’t always easy.

It takes courage, vulnerability and giving up on things we hold dear, as some are limiting beliefs.

I know it sounds strange.

Yeah, why would we hold on to something that restricts us and limits us?

Well, because most of the times, we don’t consider them as limiting.

Heck, we don’t see ourselves as the unlimited being we really are.

So it’s not that difficult to limit ourselves and bound ourselves to beliefs that once protected us.

It’s easy to believe that what worked for us in the past will do forever. But the truth is we grow.

And what worked yesterday doesn’t work or benefit us today.

So what a coach does is to help you follow your truest desires now, and help you get what you really want for yourself today and in the future.

We all need Life Coaching.

You might not acknowledge this now, but this doesn’t make it untrue.

To me, it’s a straightforward decision now, but it wasn’t before. I desperately needed life coaching, and I didn’t know it. I’m not the only one who has been in this situation before and I probably was not the last one either.

So, I wanted to help by sharing a bit of what I’ve learned, so maybe others can recognize that they need a coach too. Because I firmly believe we all need life coaching, whether we know it, or not.

Benefit #1: Self Awareness & Clarity

When working with a coach, it’s all about you and your ecosystem

I learned more about myself than I ever did before. it’s a self-discovery journey that’s fascinating, sometimes scary because it pushes and challenges you. But it’s also extremely rewarding. It looks self-indulging and inwards focused, but the reality is that it doesn’t help just you, it helps everybody else that interacts with you. It’s truly remarkable.

The richest man in the world, Warren Buffett,  said ‘The most important investment you can make, is to yourself.’

Life coaching is one of the best self-investment you can make.

Now your aim might not be to become extremely wealthy, but whatever the goal… why would you want to reinvent the wheel? Why not leverage someone else’s ability and use it to enhance yours?  And have better, brighter, happier or more rewarding results faster than you ever could on your own…

After all, we use shortcuts in our lives every day, without even thinking about it.  I mean water, electricity, computers, cars, clothes, house etc… so much that we don’t see them as shortcuts anymore.

Why couldn’t we do the same with our brain?

After all, it’s the most incredible part of our bodies, the all mighty control panel of our life’s perception.

Life coaching helps with that.

You get clear on your situation now and exactly what you want in the future.

Becoming clear on your desires is sometimes life-changing on its own. You can quickly start to see what’s working, what isn’t and brainstorm what you need/want to do to meet your future goals.

Cutting through the fog of distractions, with coaching will move you further and faster than you could ever do on your own.

Benefit #2: Reduce Stress

With the clarity gained, you often can create a clear path to your desires.

This generally helps you conceptualize and crystallize you future reality by making it look more achievable and attainable. This largely reduces stress and often increase action and motivation.

Admission time: I too have procrastinated…for years on end, as far as I can remember. That’s partly because I always got away with it, so I thought it was OK, but it wasn’t really.I always felt bad about it but convinced my self that I just liked working under pressure. Now I know procrastinating is just a robber of dreams. I could have achieved so much more in my life if I didn’t spend so much time finding distractions. the big P. delays you from achieving what you want, when you want it and robs you of your happiness over time.

That’s if you value time like I do.

I think Time is the most precious thing we have. Some believe it doesn’t exist and at some point, I could relate to that idea. I even tried to live as if it didn’t. But the reality is that, once the time is gone, it’s gone. You can’t get it back. Not that I know anyway. You can relive things in memory I guess but the “now” is gone. And we live in the now… that’s where the action is and that’s where your happiness should be.

So don’t stress about things you can’t do anything about. Instead, focus on fixing whatever issue you can solve.

Procrastinating is robbing you of peace of mind and happiness. 

Benefit #3: More/Increased Confidence

Life coaching helps you overcome the barriers you may find on your way. It helps you to achieve success, by overcoming your original hurdles. Going out of our comfort zone regularly doesn’t come naturally. But it is beneficial as it widens its range. And having someone supporting that growth really increases the results. As our comfort zone grows, so does our confidence in taking action and challenging ourselves.

This is not a straightforward process of course. Yes, it does take time most of the times, but it is worth it by any standard. I have yet to meet someone who can argue otherwise.

Believe it or not, I became a shy extrovert. I know that sounds weird, right? Unpleasant experiences made me fear speaking out loud, in public, or with any kind of focused attention.

Later, I learned that this was just a common fear. That actually “fear of public speaking” was often likened to fear of death. Crazy right? Well, I certainly felt like that.

Today, I’d be lying if I told you that fear of public speaking didn’t affect me anymore. But I definitely wouldn’t let it stop me from speaking out loud if I felt like I needed to. I wouldn’t let it stop me from putting my point across. Even if I believed I was, maybe, the only person to think so. When something is true for you… it is true for you.

Today, I trust my convictions, true or false. I am still learning and always will, so they might change, but now, I know who I am. As long as things ring true to me, I will stand by them until they serve me no more. I would never have dared write anything like this, had I not have some coaching to help me through my self-belief issues. So my biggest personal coaching benefit is my increased self-confidence and self-esteem.

Of course, these 3 benefits are only a tiny fraction of what you can get from coaching. But, we’ll have to keep them for other blog posts.

Please share your comments below, I’d love for you to voice your opinion or experience. Also feel free to share this post on social media (^_^). | @mariaduckhouse | Mastering Mindset for Success

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