Kindness, efficiency, high energy

My biggest breakthrough working with Maria was definitely quitting my day job to pursue my artistic dream and becoming a freelance painter. After years complaining about my office job, after years of being chronically depressed and profoundly unhappy, I took the time to reassess what’s important for me as a person, and not as society would like me to be, and I found that the answer was quite simple but scary, to be my own boss as a freelance watercolorist.

The thing is, when working with Maria, you must be prepared to put everything on the table and be honest with yourself. Maria helped me, not only to find a purpose in my life but also to find the confidence within myself to be in charge of my own future. More than a coach, she has been a friend, one who could tell me clearly when I’d screwed up, but also one who knows how to congratulate me for my success and cheer us up when things don’t go as planned. Thanks to her, and our many sessions, I learned to learn from my mistakes, to see my setbacks as lessons, and to recalibrate my focus on what really matters to me.

Be prepared for your life to go from 0 to 180! It’s for the best, and you’re going to work hard but when the results will start to show you will never want to look back again, I promise!

Kindness, efficiency, high energy.

In the last 3 years since I started to work with Maria, whenever needed, I’m always coming back to her for new projects in my life. First was my mindset, and how to embrace my own self, my uniqueness, and be the best version of myself, and recently I came back to her for my business. I know she knew about me being unhappy with my old work but she never pushed and let me come back to her when I was ready. And, as always, I wish I went to her sooner, because the things I was the most scared of, were soooooooo easy to tackle thanks to her guidance! I wish everyone could experience the feeling to be supported by her, it’s absolutely thrilling to see your life change for the best and I know that couldn’t have done it without her help.

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