Hi! I am contacting you with gigantic hopes of receiving an Akashic records reading. There was no date referencing the post, but I decided to reach out to you with the story of my journey and how it has lead me to you! Oh how I am so full of joy and excitement with all that I am discovering about spiritual awakening! I especially find truth and guidance from the Kryon messages and also the guided meditations of The Stargate Experience supported by the entity Alcazar. Yet my intuition and inner voice are missing. There’s that, and I am also unable to sense the powerful energetic support even doubled in intensity by the presence of both a Pleiadean and Jesus! I have asked for spirit to give me what it is that I need to know… I am blocked… and I am in search of the tools or practice that will allow me activate my true potential! I have found the truth in this world among all the many versions and I am grateful! At a young age I rebelled against my Christian upbringing because I couldn’t relate, my mind couldn’t accept it as truth, but all the wisdom and teachings I find in spiritual awakening just feel like home. It all makes sense to me, our history as humans or even potential lives on other planets, and the influence and guidance of other beings in support of humanity. And how wonderful, that we didn’t fail and end it all in a nuclear war…how great to be in the presence of such an extraordinary shift and light energy! I only hope you are still available. These readings are expensive, and I am currently without income. I would be ever so appreciative if you will consider the idea of assisting me with a reading! Thank you for reading this!

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