Empowering, inspiring and greatly rewarding

my biggest breakthrough was to understand what truly was blocking me from reaching the next level I set for myself. And finally, with persistent effort and support, not only reaching it but doubling the expected result.

what I liked the most about working with maria, was that I never felt judged with her. In our sessions, she is there for me, exactly as I am. No need to pretend to be more or less. It’s so freeing. This really helped me over my hangups and created a trust I had not experienced before even with my family. There are always expectations and slight disappointment and maybe shame involved but I was able to leave that during our sessions, I think that’s what makes them so liberating.

I would tell someone looking to work with her to just try it out. I had coaches before and had been disappointed with the service I was provided so I can understand. But she came highly recommended to me, we connected during my free planning session and I wanted more.

Working with her is empowering, inspiring and greatly rewarding.

Thank you, Maria! You know love working with you, Liz x

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