4 Powerful Reasons to Start Mantra Meditation


Mantra meditation is the process of chanting to achieve a meditative state, which many people find more helpful than meditating quietly. There are many benefits to mantra meditation, which are long-lasting.

Mantra Meditation:

Soothes the Body & Mind

Chanting the mantra of your choice creates a rhythm that balances the mind and the body.

A mantra is meant to detach you from all else besides the chanting, which is very soothing.

When choosing a mantra, it is important to understand what the words mean if it is in Sanskrit or give meaning to your own mantra. Each word or syllable should be stressed and the phrase should be repeated as necessary.

Increases Brain Function

Meditation, with or without repeating a mantra, is a great way to increase brain function. As you breathe deeply to clear your mind, more oxygen is getting to the brain, which is stimulating it.

Meditation exercises the muscles in the brain and thanks to all the extra oxygen; you are doing more for your brain than other mental exercises.

Mantra meditation requires memorization and repetition, which is also a very stimulating exercise for the brain.

It can even sharpen your mind and improve your mood. Once you learn how to let every thought leave your mind besides your mantra, you will begin to feel happier without every day worries holding you back and cluttering your mind.

Empowers the Mind

Mantra meditation does wonders for the brain, but it also improves your mind.

As you get older, your mind might not be as sharp as it once was. You can prevent that from happening by meditation daily.

Those who practice mantra meditation have found that it is much easier to make positive decisions and control their emotions.

Sometimes, it is hard to concentrate when there are millions of thoughts and emotions running through your mind.

With mantra meditation, you learn how to be in control of your mind, which can make you happier and more confident in everyday decisions.

Cleanses the Body of Impurities

Mantra meditation is almost like a detox of the mind. It cleanses the body of pessimism, selfishness, laziness, and arrogance and replaces them with positive thoughts and emotions.

As you continue to practice mantra meditation, you find that negative situations that seemed like a big deal do not matter to you as much now.

You learn how to improve and love your mind, which will project onto others around you; if you are in a good mood, others will reflect that feeling.

At the beginning, it might not seem this easy, but it will get easier. Just focus on repeating your mantra to yourself until you start feeling better.

The first step to starting mantra meditation is to create

or find a mantra that best fits you.

Ready to Add a Mantra to Your Meditation?

Whether you are looking to reduce stress or gain more confidence, your mantra’s supposed to help you achieve your goal. Incorporating this phrase into meditation will help you focus on the practice.

As always, I’m here if you have a question or would like some support send me a quick message and I’ll get back to your as quickly as I can. Until then, take care.

Xo, Maria.

As always, I’m here if you have a question or would like some support send me a quick message and I’ll get back to your as quickly as I can. Until then, take care.

Xo, Maria.

https://mariaduckhouse.com | Let’s connect on Instagram | FacebookPage

https://mariaduckhouse.com | Let’s connect on Instagram | FacebookPage

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