Six Strategies to Prevent Work Burnout

Do you feel out of balance in your life? Do you feel tired all the time or are you exhausted? Are you feeling like work is your life? If so, you may want to look at effective ways to prevent work burnout asap.

If you work long hours because of family responsibilities, career advancement, or the need to buy a house or car. This routine could lead to you becoming addicted to the stress and inequalities that come with it.

There are many strategies that you can use to avoid work burnout.

  1. Keep your hours under the required amount to prevent work burnout. This is an indicator that you are working longer hours than you should.
    • If you are hired to work 40 hours a week and find that you are actually working 44 hours or 45 hours a week, you should recognize that you will eventually lose your job.
    • You may be able to earn more money by working extra hours. However, chronic overwork can have long-term consequences that could make you less efficient in your job.
  2. Use tools at work to prevent work burnout. It would make your job easier. Learning how to use coping tools and mechanisms to prevent work burnout can make your tasks easier and faster.
    • Perhaps you are responsible for creating a multi-page employee manual. However, you don’t know how the fancy copier copies, collates, staples, and staples documents. 
  3. Delegate to prevent work burnout. Assign some tasks to others as you can. Burnout can be characterized by the belief that others can do the job or complete the task as well as you.
    • You don’t have the obligation to believe what you believe about others. The result is that you do more work when you believe in others.
    • You give others the chance to learn and grow by delegating. You may delegate if you are in a position.
  4. Take breaks. You need to take a break from your work projects every day.
    • Have a cup of coffee and talk with coworkers about what you saw on television last night.
    • To plan something fun for the weekend, call your partner.
    • Do something else during your break. Get outside and look out the window. Take a break if you are constantly running around for your job. If you are able, sit down or take a break.
  5. Make it your habit to take every hour you are entitled to.  This will prevent you from getting sick days due to job burnout.
    1. You can recharge your batteries during vacations or personal days by engaging in completely unrelated activities.
    2. During this time, disconnect as much from your computer as possible.
  6. Be open to sharing your feelings about your job.  They are valid and worthy of evaluation. Your feelings could be the first sign that you are headed towards job burnout. Are you tired of working so hard? 
    • Are you passionate about your job?  Or are you bored of it?
    • You can take action to improve your feelings about your job if you notice that you are feeling negative about it.
  7. It is essential to have a healthy work-life balance.  To avoid job burnout, you can use the strategies above. Living a balanced, restorative life is a liberating experience. 

If you’d like me to help you effectively apply this in your life, send me your details, plus the title of the blog and I’ll get back to you.

Many Blessings, Maria x

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