Embracing the New Normal

Embracing the New Normal: 6 COVID Adaptations for the Future

The full ripple effect COVID-19 will have on the population and planet probably won’t be fully understood for a couple of decades. While we’ve seen whole sectors crumble, there have been smaller victories that need to become a permanent part of the new normal. Today, I’ll outline on this blog, the six COVID habits that need to stay.

  1. Realizing the importance of quality of life. While many were surprised by the Great Resignation, which saw over four million workers quit their jobs in the U.S., the reasons behind it were not so surprising. Being locked down and furloughed made many rethink their choices, and they opted for quality of life, which translated to prioritizing mental health. We’re spending a lot more time at home, and that’s fine to remain the case; just be mindful that your living space should support – and not be a detriment to – your mental health.
  2. Becoming more entrepreneurial. During the latter half of 2020, individuals who were still employed turned in droves to side hustles, such as online selling and freelance writing, to weather the financial storm. Whether part- or full-time, having your own business is a way to beat the odds. However, you’ll need to choose your business structure. A limited liability company is a good idea because it offers some tax benefits and legal protections, and an online formation service can help you get set up in minutes!
  3. Options for work from home. While only 20% of workers did their jobs from home with no prior experience with telework, over half (54%) of those say they’d continue to do it if they had the choice. Working from home equals flexibility and a significant reduction in transportation costs, making it an attractive benefit. 
  4. More cooking at home. Over 70% of people cooked meals at home during the pandemic, and the trend is likely to continue. Not only does it save money, but it also creates something that’s both healthy and delicious.
  5. Preparing for emergencies. If there’s one thing COVID taught the world, it’s to be more prepared. Now that everyone knows what it’s like to shelter in place, having an emergency kit of necessities you know are vital to your survival, such as toiletries and canned food, is one of the smartest ways to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  6. Spending more time outdoors. Lockdown has improved people’s relationship with nature. Being able to exercise outdoors helped many to destress and unwind. Whether it was running, cycling, walking, or just watching wildlife through a window, the ability to appreciate nature improved people’s mental and emotional health.

Living New Habits

As the world moves toward a post-pandemic existence, new habits have emerged that will alter the overall path of individuals and society as a whole. Going forward, mental, physical, and emotional health will be open conversations as people embrace new ways to live and work.

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