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Ideal Client

How do I find my Ideal Client?

Our ideal client is the person(a) we’d love to work with.

You will just love helping them get the results they want or seek for their focus and dedication to their objectives. They get excellent results in your programs. That’s the kind that will recommend you to friends and colleagues and guarantee your future success…

Now, for them to achieve the excellent results they are after, you need to have the solution to their most urgent problem. And that’s the kicker… You need to hold the solution to what is most pressing and valued for them. If the problem is not high enough on their priority list, they will not be willing to invest a lot of money and time to solve it with you.

If you can help them with a problem, they really needed to be fixed, like yesterday, you are golden.

M, Duckhouse
  • They will invest heavily to solve that problem.
  • They will get outstanding results and recommend you to more clients

So how do we discover this ideal client?

I have a [thrive_2step id=’849′]client identifier template you can download[/thrive_2step] for ease, but  you can start here

  1. If you already have clients, do you have favorite ones? If so excellent
    • Think back and list the qualities, characteristics of your favorite clients
    • List why you loved working with them.
  2. If you have clients but don’t have what you would call ideal clients,
    • You could mix of all your favorite qualities from these clients
    • And craft and ideal you would rather attract in the future
  3. If you’ve had clients but had a gruelling experience with them
    • Think about why these clients experience wasn’t great
    • then switch each reason to what you would prefer instead if you had a do-over
    • You can also keep the list to know who you do not want to work with.
  4. What if you’ve never had any clients?
    • Ask yourself questions about what solutions you offer.
    • Then who do you think would most benefit from it?
    • Ideally, they would also be people you love to spend time with as well
Now, you want some help to do this, grab my free Ideal Client Identifier – it’s pretty good…

[thrive_2step id=’849′]You can download it here[/thrive_2step], and send your eternal thanks when you’re inspired… Just kidding, but please let me know how it works out for you?

Once you know your ideal client, you need to get to know them very well and intimately. Because “getting in their mind” is what will give you the insight into creating more highly desired solutions for their every need. Now, that’s a topic for another post

If you’d like me to help you effectively apply this in your business, comment “help me too” and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post and have a fabulous rest of your day… @mariaduckhouse  | Mastering Mindset for Success

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