How To Use Visualisation to Manifest Your Goals


Use visualisation to manifest your goals

Let’s ilustrate how to use visualisation to manifest with an example.

When taking a picture, all of the elements have to be there: a camera, an area, and a point of execution. So in creating a goal, you’ll also need all the required elements: the tools, materials, plans, and the endgame as they can help you get any kind of goal.

Seriously, from the smallest goal you can think of, the lifelong dream you might have been too scared to aim for. Learning how to choose where to go and how to get there, one of the biggest advantages you can gain for yourself. One of the best way to prepare yourself and train your mind is visualization.

Why? That will be the subject of another blog post. But for now, we’ll just concentrate on the process that you can also use visualization to manifest your goals.

The Camera of visualization to manifest

Using our example, I’ll try to replace the tools needed for the work.

The camera is the one thing that can allow you to actually see your goal / the finish line, right now

Imagine how differently you would approach your goal if you knew exactly what to do and how to do it..

You would start out by using the best tools available for your goal. Wouldn’t you?

You’d know what’s necessary, and what isn’t. You’d know if something would likely work for you now and later on in the future. And of course, whether your contribution would be valuable to anyone else in the future.

You could say this is all just speculations and have no consequences in the reality, but I know that this will frame your mindset, and the winning mindset always sees opportunities others fail to notice.

And that’s what visualization will do for you.

Regularly imagining yourself achieving your goal, feeling the emotions of the accomplished goal will be what helps you build the physical foundation for your goals to manifest.

The area of visualisation to manifest

Your area can be many things.

It can be outside, inside, in your home, in your work, heck, it can even be in our bathroom.. yes, a bathroom.

For most, your bathroom can be one of the best places for you to clear your mind for two reasons.

First, you can release stress. We all know that while you’re trying to ease your body, the best way is to release the toxins that are attempting to live in your body.

And second, it is a place that you are (hopefully) alone with no distractions. I’m saying that because if you have children it might prove testing lol.

Anyway, having tranquility, wherever you find it, can help you clear your mind.

You need to clear your mind before you visualise, as otherwise, you cannot focus effectively. So you find your place, relaxed and clear your mind, when you are still and ready, start imagining your goal accomplished and everything it means to you, your family, your reaction, put in as much detail as you can but stay open for more surprises.

The Point of Execution

This is where you’d realize or see where your plans are headed.

If you’re looking to place your goals into a physical place, then you’ll need to see where this place is and if there’s space for your dreams in there.

If it’s something more like finances or something else distressing you, there’s a way to keep the plan in place while having something to measure it against.

Knowing where your point of execution begins and ends will not only help you succeed, it will motivate you to do more. By visually seeing what you could do will almost always get you to where you want to go and often further.

Visualising help you use the Law of Attraction to your advantage

That’s because you don’t just see what you want to do, your focus on it will also bring it forward and your actions, as a result, will reveal the manifestation…

As always, I’m here if you have a question or would like some support send me a quick message and I’ll get back to your as quickly as I can. Until then, take care.

Xo, Maria.

As always, I’m here if you have a question or would like some support send me a quick message and I’ll get back to your as quickly as I can. Until then, take care.

Xo, Maria. | Let’s connect on Instagram | FacebookPage | Let’s connect on Instagram | FacebookPage

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