Quote Your Services Like a Pro

Finally, Quote With Confidence:

How to Give Rates Like a Pro

Do you rock at providing value but lose it when it comes to asking for the sale?

Does having quote your services make your mouth dry and/or your hands’ sweat profusely?

Do you dread that particular point in the conversation when someone says,

“So how much do you charge?”

Let me tell you, you are not alone.

Most of us have difficulty talking about money especially when it comes to quoting prices for our own work. But if you’re going to be successful in business, you have to get over it.

I know… easier said than done right? But it really has to happen I’m afraid and fortunately for you, help is afoot. ^_^

Practice, practice, practice

The first rule of stating your prices with confidence is to simply practice giving them.

  • Tell it to yourself, as often as you can, preferably on your own let’s avoid being too weird right? lol
  • Tell your pet, your favorite objects, your gemstones or anything you want,  what your rates are.
  • You can even stand in front of your mirror and say, “I charge £XXX an hour.”

Whatever exercise you go for, just make sure to say it out loud (not in your head), because the more you do, the more natural it will become for you.

So keep saying it, keep practicing. Say it so often that it starts flowing naturally.

A Smile Goes a Long Way

Believe it or not, but you can feel a smile over the phone and even on an email, as it affects what you say and how it comes across. So please smile when you say your rates.

As your tone changes when you smile, you can use it to your advantage to convey confidence and authority, which will increase your professionalism as well, as you quote your services.

So yes, a smile really can go a long way, so why not use it. Plus it’s free (mostly – lol, you get it? … I’ll assume you do.)


Seriously… I mean it in the nicest way.

Do you ever find yourself saying things like:

  • “Well, normally I charge…”
  • or “Actually, my rates are…”
  • or “Do you think that £XX will work for you?”

When you talk to potential clients you are supposed to be the expert or at least a few steps ahead of them to help them with an issue. what do you think these questions achieve?

Confusion – that what.

You think you will entice them by gaging them or offering a special rate but all they hear is ” is this the first time they do this? if so, I’m out of here ”

Because these questions (and others similar ones) are all wishy-washy. They don’t instill confidence in your client, and worse, they make you sound like you don’t believe in yourself.

Rather than squeaking out “Um, I charge, like £XXXX per month,” with fear in your voice.

Straighten your back, smile, and say, “My rate for VIP Coaching is £XXXX per month. Where should I send your invoice?”

And then…

Be silent

When we’re nervous or feeling intimidated, we tend to talk. We want to fill the silence

Because we want to avoid having to sit uncomfortably and start wondering about the other person’s thoughts about us. So we want to create a distraction.

But guess what? They are just as uncomfortable as we are and psychologically, the one who speaks first is at a disadvantage.

So when discussing your rates, avoid the urge to fill the silence (you’re most likely going to try to justify your pricing, which wouldn’t help I assure you). Just let your potential client take the time they need to respond. Let them come to their own conclusion.

Let go of the outcome

Will speaking with confidence always land you a new client? Of course not.

It’s not up to you what they decide to do. Ultimately, their decision depends on them. You could try to influence them but the outcome would not be as satisfying as it could be.

As the saying goes “You drag them in, You drag them out”. Empowering the client to fully make their own decision without feeling like you influenced them in any way makes the best business relationship.

And being able to share your pricing in a clear voice will help.

Because it will most likely help your potential clients know that you’re confident in your skills, and ability to help them effectively.

That’s it for today, hope you learned lots. Please do share your experience with quoting your rates. Until next time, have a good week.

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