Why We Fail to be Consistent & How to Fix It

Lack of consistency & what to do about it

Many people know how to make their lives better. Most people know the answers. Everybody knows how to lose weight and make their home more organized. The trick is to follow through.

It is not enough to know what to do. Knowledge is not enough. 

Persistence and execution are key to success.

You should not hesitate to follow through with your decisions. Find the reasons that appeal to you and then figure out how to solve them.

  1. You are not deciding. 
    • True decision-making means deciding to not take any other options into consideration. 
    • Many of us don’t make the effort to stick to our decisions. We are too impulsive and lose sight of the goal.  
    • Understanding that your actual decision is the contract you have made with yourself. 
    • Give yourself the respect that you are due.
  2. Do you have a hard time defining your values?
    • Understanding your values will help you follow them more often.
    • Your values will improve the quality of your decisions. 
    • This will help you persevere through any obstacle. 
    • Living according to your values will make you less likely to give in to temptation.
  3. It is easy to underestimate how difficult it will be. 
    • Sometimes, things are more difficult than you expected. Therefore, it’s so easy to give up.
    • Expect to encounter challenges along the journey. 
    • Expect things to be hard if you don’t expect them to be. 
    • For potential challenges, you might prepare some solutions in advance.
  4. Let your emotions take control. 
    • People who are successful are less affected by emotions or have greater control over them. You can choose. It is difficult to succeed without either.
    • Meditation is one method to control your emotions.
    • Focus on the positive, regardless of what you feel at the moment.
    •  It is easy to choose decisions that will reduce anxiety in the short term. This can lead to long-term failure. 
    • Focus on the goal.
  5. You should work intermittently to achieve your goals. 
    • It is worth putting in a little effort every day to achieve more than just a few hours here and there. Daily action helps you stay focused and makes it easier to feel good.
    • Do not believe that you must work hard to succeed. Every little counts.
    • You can make a list of the actions you can do each day and then take a few. This is often all you need.
  6. Are you losing sight of the end-result? 
    • You’ll stifle your efforts if you have a short-term view. Focusing on the immediate struggle that you are experiencing will almost always lead to a solution.
    • Remember the prize at the finish every day. 
    • Imagine your success. How great it will feel. It’s amazing!  This is the key to success.
  7. You want your life to be simple. Are you willing to give up?
    • You can’t achieve glory without suffering. Your successes will be more meaningful if you’ll take on a minor challenge. You’d find it boring if life was too easy.

Are you willing to follow through with your goals or are you looking for reasons to give up? 

Most likely, you already have enough knowledge to make significant changes in your life. The real challenge is managing yourself properly and following a process that works.

You have the power to transform your life. 

Only you need to change your approach. Positive change is possible with persistence.

If you took action, what could you do to make a difference in your life? 

Better question: “What could you not change?”

Let me know if this was helpful.

Many Blessings, Maria x

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