How to Attract a Loving Relationship

5 Steps to Attract/Build Loving Relationship In Your Life

This is not a message about fun body language tricks that will get someone all hot and bothered; no. This is only for someone looking for a real relationship.

This is a message about what to do so that you can attract someone who treats you like a Queen/King and will never let you go.

If you are in it for a hot and steamy couple of nights, these tips are not what you are looking for.

Now, if you are hoping to find a love relationship that will last, and that will make you feel happier than you ever have before, follow these simple steps.

Here are steps you can take:

1. Learn how to love yourself

Yes, the first step to attracting your perfect partner begins with you.

To have confidence that cannot be broken, you have to learn how to accept who you really are deep down and not be ashamed of it.

Love yourself, how you are right now:

physique, personality, traits, style, and so on and so forth.

Once you are comfortable in your own skin, people will notice the difference.

2. Do not delude yourself into thinking a relationship will make you happy

happiness within relationship
“Happiness From within You Lasts Longer”

If you’re not happy before you start the relationship

you won’t be happy for long in one, either.

If you find happiness in your life as it is,

then a relationship will simply enhance the joy that is already there.

If you do not have it already in you.

then any gratification you get from a relationship will rapidly burn out. This isn’t good because it could even leave you worse than before.

Tha’t why rebound relationships don’t usually work out… we’re not ready.

3. Face your fears

If you are so afraid of rejection or emotional attachment that you just curl up into a ball, then you will never find yourself in a good relationship.

Just because someone tells you “no” does not mean that you are of less worth.

Just because fully committing your emotions is a scary thing, it does not mean that you should not do it.

If you are finding this difficult, check out my blog post on overcoming the fear of failure, it focuses on failure but you can apply it to other fears as well.

Facing your fears is non-negotiable, ignoring it won’t be enough, you need to see it, understand, acknowledge it and let it go.

It’s the best way to transcend fear.

It’s what allows you to feel the fear and still to take action anyway.

Hiding from it will just put you back on autopilot and therefore “procrastination mode” which basically means you decided to stay in your comfort zone.

This is absolutely ok of course, to keep having the results you are actually experiencing. It is however not ideal if you desire new results.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours, I’m just trying to stress that you have other options, maybe better options, and you won’t know if that’s the case if you give into fear and continue to do the same things.

4. Get rid of bad influences

You know that one friend; the one who always degrades everyone around her and spreads the nasty rumors.

Or anyone who does not have your best interest at heart. They might not mean it in a bad way. But they still want you to stay where you are

Because it helps stay where they are themselves or worse. It helps them feel better about themselves because they feel superior to you and want it to stay that way. Regardless, please distance yourself as much as you can.

They are not a positive influence in your life, and they will only attract further negativity into your life.

Think about it, I am sure I don’t need to say more… right? …ok.

5. Develop kindness for everyone you meet.

Relationship others remember how made them feel

It may not seem like it, but being kind to everyone you meet is the surest way to find someone who will be nice in return.

Being kind doesn’t come easy to everybody and some people are definitely out to hurt others for sure.

I don’t know why, and honestly, I don’t want to know why. Because it doesn’t really matter.

I believe we are all responsible for our choices, conscious and unconscious ones. Regardless of the reason for being unkind, hurtful and disruptive, it’s only an excuse.

Excuses explain why something has happened. They don’t make it acceptable. Awareness is not absolution

Maria Duckhouse


In Conclution,

It feels safer to hide in plain sight. We try and fit into a mold that we feel uncomfortable with but seems ok as we think everyone else fits but us.

But creating the love and acceptance that we want isn’t as hard as we think.

It starts with you. Learn to love yourself, be honest as much as possible. It will keep you aware and this will help you focus on your desires. Remove or distance yourself from people and situations that don’t benefit your goals and be kind… to everyone. To yourself and to others.

Relationship with you love Yourself

Sometimes, it feels like the hardest thing to do is to be yourself. To really let ourselves shine and be who we truly want to be. Heck, sometimes we think we don’t even know who we want to be.

The truth is that we do know. It’s just hidden under so many layers of hiding, so much programming from an early age that we forget.

We process so much information every day, we have to filter out to focus… what you may not know is just how much power you have to decide on what you focus on.

Distrations are everywhere but you can take charge if you choose to.

Please share your opinion with me in the comments or contact me if you need help with your specific situation.


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