Why Life Coaching

Why I started Life Coaching

Why I Started Life Coaching

What do I do? I help women reclaim full control of their life as a life coach specialised in mindset. Although the Law of Attraction hooked me, I love coaching people on their mindset, their career aspirations, relationships & spirituality.

As a certified Master Life Coach, and Soul Realignment practitioner, I made it my mission to help ambitious women get aligned with their core values, desires, and gifts so they can embrace their dreams and finally “Do Life” on their own terms. Life coaching is the ideal vehicle for me.

Whatever success means to you, or maybe you never stopped to really think about it. You can have it with proper life coaching support. And I’m not just saying that I have witnessed it myself too many times to ignore it. And you will too if you allow it.

Alright, just in case you are new here, “Hi I’m Maria thank you for reading this post or visiting my website“.

Long Story Short: intro to Life Coaching

I had a problem: I was miserable at work

Some people would say “me too – big deal” Right? “You just have to tough it out. be grateful that you have a job” but for me, it was a big deal.

A huge deal, in fact. I was getting depressed. Totally and utterly miserable, for no apparent reason. I mean, they did not bully me, no one hurt me or disrespected me ( that I knew of) I was good at my job, was well paid for the tiny effort is required from me. But that was what was killing me.

I needed something, I just didn’t know what: life coaching of course.

I felt like I was wasting away every day. A little bit of my soul was dying the second I made it in the office, despite psyching myself up every morning for a great day at work. But no… the second I stepped in the office, the depressing waves drowned me – every time. I was stuck.

Life coaching helps you move forward, especially if you “feel” stuck.

Maria Duckhouse | Mindset & Strategy

Ironically, as a child, I already knew I didn’t want to work in an “office job”. Still, it took me a long time to find out what I wanted to do. Too long. I spun my wheels a lot, fell into jobs, and despite being later seduced by the corporate world, I drowning in inexplicable sorrow. I wasn’t upholding my value, I was following perceived ones that yield no joy or satisfaction for me.

Do you know anyone that does that? I bet you do. Tell them what you learned about life coaching. Better yet, share this post with them.

Personal Development is can be a challenging and overwhelming journey. However, you’ll know you’re ready when the alternative seems unbearable.

Maria Duckhouse | Mindset & Strategy

Learning Life Coaching: my saving grace

I only knew one thing: “I had to start over and feed my mind” and find my joy. So I turned to study online courses and self-help books (initially not for any specific qualification but just for inspiration).
Because, I felt trapped somehow, in my own mind.
I needed more… more room to breathe,
more room for growth, more room for enjoyment… fulfillment.
I needed PURPOSE. Life coaching support all these aspects of life.


I quickly developed a passion for self-development, life coaching with a success mindset in particular as self-belief & self-doubt were what I personally struggled with, the most. Now I help others find their own sweet spot. it’s amazing to see them go from unhappy, overwhelmed or desperate for change to focused, in control, happy and successful in creating the life they envisioned but couldn’t see a path to.

Life Coaching Lights Me Up

Life Coaching and, more specifically, Success Coaching is my zone of genius. I excel at making my clients shine through their internal ‘BS’ and claim their personal expertise. These hangups/blocks and restrictions, however, you want to call them are robbing you and you don’t have to put up with it anymore if you don’t want to. I assure you.

Anyway, I thrive when I support and empower other women to create and live the life(style) that literally lights their hearts.

This means helping them find their purpose and reclaim their personal power as a creator of their own experience.

But is most important, they get to embrace their ideal career path, regardless of the perceived obstacles that might present themselves… knowing they have someone who’s got their back.

Want to know how life coaching would help you? Click here to learn more…

I believe having a fulfilling life and career majorly contributes to one’s happiness. Don’t you agree?

Let me know your thoughts about life coaching or if you have any related questions. I’ll make sure to answer directly or through a post if the answer is a long one.

Of course, if you want or need me to look at your particular situation, please book a complimentary life coaching session so I can help you more specifically.

To your Success,

Xo, Maria


https://mariaduckhouse.com | @mariaduckhouse  | Mastering Mindset for Success

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