Breaking Down Consciousness – What Is It Really?

Breaking down Consciousness
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The traditional definition of “consciousness” is – The state of being aware and responsive to one’s surrounding. It also talks about individual perspectives and how they influence our thought process, behavior, choices, ultimate decisions, and even paths to move forward in life. The beauty of perspective lies in how different it can be from one individual to the other.

Science has explained consciousness through different schools of thought, but we’re not going to get into medical or scientific terms here. Our goal is for anyone and everyone to be able to (fairly) understand what consciousness is and how it works. There’s a big debate about how the concept of consciousness arose, and then about how it became such a significant part of human identity.

The brain is, undoubtedly, the machine that runs the body. The mind is the brain, but does it have an identity separate from the physicality of the brain? We believe that this question was answered with consciousness being the solution. Consciousness is our ability to be able to articulate, process and move along with the signals the brains sends us. The more conscious we are, the more productive and in sync with our brain we’re going to be.

We’re going to break down consciousness into more understandable concepts for you here:

1. Consciousness is the navigator

Your life is a car, whatever your favorite set of wheels might be. You’re in the driver’s seat, obviously, and then there’s also your consciousness in the passenger’s seat. So, the passenger is always the designated navigator, and what we’re trying to say with this analogy is this – your consciousness guides you through every stage of life, whether good or bad. When your consciousness isn’t sharp, you might miss a few turns or speed bumps. This is why it’s so important to be as conscious as possible, always.

2. Consciousness requires control

Your consciousness is very much in your control, despite those times when you feel disoriented or out of place. In fact, some studies show that those who believe that they’re in control are automatically more capable of it as well. Call it positive reinforcement or the power of belief, but you have to first believe in your control over consciousness. And, consciousness always requires this control, because it’s not so easy to keep track of. The human mind can wander and waver quite easily.  But when you discipline your consciousness, you can achieve amazing things. Many books, such as The Kybalion, discuss the power of conscious thought. Check out the Wealth Creation Mastermind’s exposition on The Kybalion for a quick overview of the power of the mind.

3. Consciousness isn’t easy to understand

Image Source: No attribution required

Image Source: No attribution required

If you’ve spent time contemplating about how you can categorize or better understand consciousness, it’s time to stop. There are certain things in the world that are hard to classify and find a definite answer for, and consciousness is one of them. Does it exist? Yes. Can science help us understand it? Yes. Can reasoning help us maneuver it? Absolutely.

However, none of this is absolute. Tomorrow or 2000 years from now, we might redefine consciousness because of a brand new understanding of it. And we have to be open to this dynamic.

4. Consciousness can evolve with time

Even if it feels like you’re not in full control of your consciousness, it is a skill, and it can be honed. Exercises to improve concentration, meditation, aptitude tests, and simple de-stressing activities can work wonders for this. The evolution of your consciousness is a journey, and there times when you will fail and times when you won’t. As your mind evolves, you become much more aware of where you might be faltering, and this knowledge can be a great catalyst in the evolution of your consciousness as well.

The trick with understanding your consciousness is that there’s really no trick at all. It’s a varied process for each of us, with a subjective journey and consequence. As individuals, our end goal is to understand our own consciousness in the best way possible and find a solution to having a more concrete control over it.

Final Thoughts

However, whatever your process or end-goal might be, breaking down the concept of consciousness and understanding how to go about it can make a positive change in your life. You’re sure to experience accelerated growth as a person because it won’t just give you the bigger picture of your life, but also increase your capacity to analyze, realize and act upon self-awareness and self-improvement.

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