Trust in the Law of Attraction

Trust in The Law of Attraction

Trust is Key because the Law of Attraction uses your inner power. When you really understand that the power of your very thoughts brings good things into your life. You also realize that you could have a great amount of control over your life and the things that happen in it if you choose to raise your awareness.

Why Is Trust Vital For The Law Of Attraction?

It’s important to note if you want to actively use the law of attraction in your life (the law of attraction is always working whether you consciously use it or not), you have and maintain an underlying sense of trust. It will be hard at first, don’t get me wrong especially for things that take a long time to manifest, and sabotaging thoughts and cross-purposes blocking your manifestations. (These might need to be cleared by the way). But you need to trust that everything will work out for the best and that your life is headed in the right direction – Always.

What If You Can’t Fully Trust The Universe In That Way

you’re going to bring negativity into your life, no matter what you do. The negativity here does not necessarily refer to “bad” events, behaviour or people per say. It refers to things that do not serve your purpose or goals. So, learn to trust and believe that what you desire is coming your way so that it can and does happen.

Always trust that the everything is working in your favour, because it actually is.

The universe doesn’t judge or differentiate between positive or negative request, it just gives you more of what you focus on. Good or Bad. We are the ones that qualify the outcome.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, but with a little work and focus, it is possible.

How You Can Start to Ensure Your Success

Start by eliminating all negativity from your life.

  • Never make negative statements about how things will go or what the future will hold. This, whether you realize it or not, is showing a lack of trust and, in fact, is blatantly putting that lack of trust out into the universe and opening the door for negativity.
  • Get rid of negative people and influences in your life. When that’s not completely possible, focus on steering all of your interactions with such people into a more positive and uplifting direction. It’s harder but it’s totally doable.

Once you have become a more trusting person in general

  • focus specifically on trusting in the belief that the things you have asked for from the universe will be given to you. Having faith the very things you’ve asked for will come into your life is the important part of making your requests become reality.

While eliminating negativity can be enough for the things you’ve asked to come your way, there is still more that you can do because Action is the anchor that starts the processes.

Visualise your future

One of the best things you can do, to build your trust and to speed up the process of getting what you’ve asked for, is positive visualization.

  • Make a daily effort to visualize yourself getting the things you’ve asked for and seeing yourself being happy about and grateful for those things.

If you can follow these simple tips, you will very soon start to notice just how much the universe is working in your favour. You have the unfair advantage, trust me. It took me forever to realize it, but now I can’t help be noticing and it’s quite amazing.

Please feel free to share your own experience with me or ask any questions in the comments or by contacting me

Until next time, have a great week ^_^

Maria xx

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