No Story To Tell


I Had No Story TO TELL When I Started.

It’s true…

You might relate to this or not.

When I started my entrepreneurial journey,

I was told over & over that I needed to be able to tell my story.


i had no story to tellAt first it didn’t mean much to me and I certainly didn’t want to do it.

And the more I listen to other people’s stories,

the less I wanted to tell mine because it dawned on me that I had nothing inspirational to tell.

No matter how excited I was about my future,

No matter how big my dreams were, the evidence was clear:

I had achieved nothing but follow my gut to a brand new start and had nothing to show for it.

No special wake up call, no massive hurdle to climb

I was just lucky to have a supportive husband while thinking over the eventuality to quit my 9-5.

So I had no great story to tell, but I was a fast becoming a learning junkie and in time used my knowledge to build my business bit by bit as people I admire had.

Today, I  had an idea and it all made so much sense I had to write it down…

What if I’m not here to find what makes Me Special, to be Another Hero or Model of Inspiration because of some Super Skill. I have no hidden skill, trust me I searched

But I like many others so want to wake people up to the other alternatives in life.

& What if I AM JUST HERE TO SHOW THAT ANYBODY, REALLY ANYBODY with no special event in their life, special background or experience CAN BE SUCCESSFUL Too. If they want to.

All you need is a dream and a sheer determination to see it though

So Make your desires non negotiable in your mind and they will be in your life.
I have no doubt they will.

So Now you know…. Never let Anything Stop you even when you have no story to tell, there is a way for you too.

Think about it and let me know what you think in the comments.

Love, Maria xx


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