How to Create Your First Product in 3 Easy Steps

So Let’s start by acknowledging that for most online entrepreneurs and across the fields, product creation is the best way to:

  1. Grow and solidify your Brand
  2. Reach a much wider audience
  3. Earn a more rewarding income

It begs the question: Why aren’t more people adopting this product creation strategy? We are stuck in the product creation process and unsure what steps to take to make a great product.

Step 1: Identify 

The Burning Issue You Can Fix

You can gain a lot of insight as a provider into your clients’ needs and wants. This can be done by connecting with them via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. You can also answer questions by email and respond to comments on your blog.

Thinking back to those moments…

What do you think they most need right now? This is the product that you should create since you already have an audience ready to find the solution.

Step 2: Gather All the Information

What You Really Need

If you’ve been in the business industry for a while, you probably already know the answers. All you have to do now is organize it so that it highlights the solution you offer. These are some places that you might be able to look to find the content you could reuse to help you create your product. You don’t have to start over.

Check out these resources, you may find some gems, ideal for repurposing:

  • Posts that you published on your blog
  • Information emails that you sent to your list (or autoresponder)
  • Inspiring conversations you had on the subject
  • Check posts on your social media accounts
  • Even Videos on your YouTube channel ( if you have one)
  • Checklists and worksheets you put together

You can edit all of these items and more to create a product that addresses a major issue for your audience. It takes less time than you might think. You already do the majority of the work!

Step 3: Create a Best Possible Solution

Now that you’ve selected your content, it’s time to put it together in a way that’ll make sense to your audience.

You could:

  • Create a Kindle ebook. This is a great way to solve a single problem. The amazing added benefit of Kindle books is the ability to reach a wider audience.
  • Make a membership website. This would be an excellent option for a complete, step-by–step course. It will also be extremely useful in the long-term because of its flexibility.
  • Do you have a group program that you can offer? You can create a group program by adding personal time to your membership site. You’ve also dramatically increased the value (and cost!) of your group program.

The scope of the solution will influence your choice. You need to think about these questions. Do you think it is a simple solution that can easily be explained on a few pages? Is it complex and would take several weeks to solve?

It doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming to create a product. You can create a huge, comprehensive course, but if you are just starting out, it can be daunting. I suggest working with what you have. You can quickly create your first product and have it ready for sale in no time.

Time for action

If you are ready. Let’s go! Let me know what you think. If you need assistance with implementation, feel free to contact me.

That’s all for now, have a great week ^_^

Maria xx @lovethatmindset 

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