Find your purpose with these few questions

It can be difficult to decide how you want to spend your remaining years of life (e.i. find your purpose). It doesn’t have to be difficult. You can find out enough about yourself by asking a few simple questions.

While there may not be an exact answer, you can find a great solution in a very short time.

What are you supposed to do?

These ideas can help you determine your purpose.

  1. What are you interested in? These could be things that you enjoy doing, learning about, or thinking about. Do you lose track of your time with certain activities? Create a list with 10 of your favorite activities. Now think about how you could make a living doing something similar.
    • There are many opportunities to teach others if you enjoy teaching. There are many options for you to be a teacher, a personal coach, a meditation instructor, or a coach in sports.
    • Do you love sports? You could be a coach, a trainer, or a teacher at the gym.
  2. What topic are you interested in learning more about? Do you have a passion for a particular topic? Are you willing to spend time researching it? Perhaps you are interested in astronomy, or designing a better mousetrap. What piques your curiosity?
  3. What are you naturally gifted at? It is best to find something you love and have natural talent for. You know what you are better at than most people? Create another list.
  4. What was my childhood dream? What were you aspired to be as a teenager? Sometimes, your first ideas can be the best. Consider your childhood goals and consider why you chose this field. You may find some clues.
  5. What are your values? Why is it important to you? What is your passion? Volunteering for others Personal development? Overcoming challenges? Your purpose must be in alignment with your values.
  6. What’s my gut telling me? There is a time for logic, reason. It might not be one. Sometimes the best decision doesn’t always make sense. What is your soul trying tell you? Listen.
  7. Your Why?  Understanding this will help you find other options that are more appropriate for you. Let’s say you are interested in becoming a doctor. Write down the reasons why you are interested in this career.
    • Help people Intellectually challenging
    • Avoid working in an office environment
    • Respect your family and the public
    • Financially rewarding: Enjoy nice things and retire early
    • Consider what other activities you could take on to meet your needs. 
    • You could volunteer at weekends, learn Mandarin, and become a successful investor in real estate.

Make a decision. It can be difficult to make a decision. It’s not easy to make a bad choice if you have narrowed your options. Your life will not change if you make no choices.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you want from your life. Take some time to reflect on the situation and make a plan. Because it is costly to never make a decision, it’s crucial that you make a decision. Consider your values and personal preferences to find the right path for you. 

It’s as simple as asking a few questions. 

If you’d like me to help you effectively apply this in your life, send me your details, plus the title of the blog and I’ll get back to you.

Many Blessings, Maria x

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