How to recognise the 3 types of burnout & fix them

While it’s normal for your energy levels to fluctuate throughout the day, full-blown burnout can cause you to lose your job and happiness. 

Here are some strategies to help you deal with 3 types of burnout.

Spanish researchers discovered that there are at least three types of burnout.

If they continue to build up, they can leave you feeling exhausted and hopeless.

Pursuing meaningful work is the best form of protection. 

These techniques can help you find deeper fulfillment while making your workdays less stressful.

Types of Burnout leading to Overwhelm

Deal with Overload Management

If you are someone who pushes yourself to the limit, this could be you. 

It is possible to complain about workplace policies and practices that are holding you back.

  • You should set realistic goals. Learn to say no graciously. You can expect what additional resources you might need and ask for them before they are needed.
  • Concentrate on the solutions. When faced with a difficult situation, offer constructive alternatives.
  • Review your accomplishments. Relive the moment you secured a great deal and hired a top-performing sales representative.
  • Your personal life is your priority. You could be working too many hours at work to make up for other shortcomings.
  • Develop spirituality, strengthen relationships and pursue a hobby.

Types of Burnout Leading to Boredom or Lethargy

Dealing with Boredom 

Perhaps you feel like your work is going smoothly. 

This type of burnout can also lead to cynicism, which is why they avoid dealing with difficult subjects.

  • Take on a challenge. Choose something that offers you the chance to learn new skills and gain new knowledge.
  • Be as optimistic as possible. You can counter cynicism with gratitude by focusing on the positive aspects of people and events.
  • Get involved in socializing. Focus on the things you can do for others. You can brighten the day of your supervisor by making a genuine compliment or by showing extra attention to customers.
  • Communicate directly. When you speak up, be kind and respectful.

Types of Burnout Leading to Exhaustion

Dealing with Being Worn Out 

 This could be you if you are struggling to reach your goals. 

Do you find your motivation falls when you face stress and obstacles?  

Be prepared.

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Look at the big picture when you start a project.

Be prepared for the common obstacles you will face along the way. 

Find out who to contact for expert advice and where you can find additional financing.

Develop relaxation techniques.

Most jobs include stress.  You can rely on techniques that will relieve tension.

You can listen to instrumental music, pet your dog or sign up for yoga lessons.

Keep your motivation high. 

Remind yourself regularly why you are doing what you love.

Before you submit your resignation,

identify your own burnout symptoms and take action to overcome them. 

You will find your job more fulfilling and less stressful if you take constructive action. 

This is what I wish I knew before I stormed out of my job. Hope this helps you.

Many Blessings, Maria x

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