How to plan a Successful VIP Day


when Planning a Successful VIP Day

Formal is the way to go

  • Why you should avoid “Informal” for a successful VIP Day

    Some of us like to go with the flow and wing it as they go along.  we love the flexibility our work offers us and relish in it, I get it, I mean…guilty as charged here, most sometimes”. I like to think of it as spontaneous genius… makes me feel authentic, real and empowered somehow. ( amazing things happen in chaos… sometimes)

    But when it comes to a VIP Day or session, you need to be prepared.

    Limited time, extremely targeted objective means the stakes are high, so free-form flexibility would be the kiss of death. Careful planning and organisation is required in order to stay on track and reach the set goal for the session.

Create an Appointment Schedule

Divide the session in sections,

Every section should be carefully planned out by the hour, from when and where you’ll be having breakfast, to the exact minute of departure.

By leaving nothing to chance, you eliminate the possibility of missing anything important or running overtime.

Plus, your clients know exactly what to expect which is great, because they come prepared as well which makes for an extremely productive day for both.

A Calendar page is great for mapping out your day, but you can use anything.

Carefully Plan Each Event:

Begin with the non-negotiable:
  • Meal times (allow for travel if necessary)
  • Check-out times (for the hotel or resort)
  • Breaks
Next, fill in other must-have times:
  • Introductions (if you’ll have more than one VIP in attendance)
  • Guest speakers
  • Work time (for independent or group study)

If your VIP session is over two or three days, then you’ll also want to include time away from the main location.

Try to keep your VIP day focused on a single outcome, this way you’ll have more than enough time to coach and give all your attendee(s) the attention they require and deserve.

Publish Your Schedule

Don’t forget to share your schedule with your VIPs.

Having this document in hand before they arrive will help them prepare for the event.

This way they can plan ahead of time what questions they want make sure to ask, what documents or other information they should bring with them, and what to pack for the day

Planning your VIP day well in advance leaves no room for unnecessary diversions and other unproductive time. You want to ensure your attendees get great value from their day with you, so it’s important to keep everyone on track. As anything, it becomes easier with practice, so the planning gets easier and fun.

The hard work does pay off, in the value provided and experience as a result, it will make you a coaching superstar.


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