New year resolution

whats your new year resolution

Happy New Year!!!

May 2017 be your happiest yet

Let it be a wonderful platform

to build even better years to come.

This my personal wish I also extend to you 

and our respective families.

Love, Maria


One of my New Year resolutions is to follow through on everything I start from now on

And anything I really wished I did in the past.

And writing my blog is one of the things I didn’t set time aside for previously.

I decided I wanted to connect this year. Truly open myself to this experience fully and truly.

I can only do that If I open up more so I will do this here.

I will not write for SEO purposes or just to make sure my post is relevant to such and such offer.

Closed all my other blogs (promotions blogs) and will focus my energy on building and promoting this one.

I know I am called to help and teach but I need the interaction so I can serve better.

I don’t want to be impersonal anymore so I will be sharing anything and everything here.

And I welcome you to do the same if the subject resonates with you

Or you have a question for me.

Love, & Many blessings

Maria xxx


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