What’s a Vision Board?

What is a Vision Board

A representation of your ideal outcome – your vision

Have you heard of Vision Boards?

I did… too often for my liking.

For the longest time,

I failed to recognize how they could help me really.

I was told over and over that I needed to create one at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, but I just brushed it off, as I didn’t see the value. But then again, I never really gave it much thought. It just felt like yet another useless activity that didn’t bring any money to my business.

Can you relate?

I didn’t know then, what I know now of course.

With awareness comes a new sense of value, and I would love to share my new perspective to help others gain the same awareness.

What are they exactly?

A vision board is a tool which helps you see your goals

A vision board is a board covered with images that represent your goals. This helps you maintain focus on your life’s desires so that you can concentrate on them clearly.

Actively use the Law of Attraction with a Vision

When you are constantly trying to think positive thoughts and concentrate on your goals, it helps to have visual cues to inspire you and keep you on track.

Creating a vision board helps you figure out your goals.

To create this tool

You will have to put some thought into your desires in order to figure out which images are associated with it. These images should remind you of what you are hoping to achieve.

The images that you choose to put on the board will reinforce your aspirations.

Every day when you pass this board you will visually be aware of the goals you have set for your life. On the path of the Law of Attraction, a vision board will be a visually appealing reminder of the intentions you have for your life – every day.

For example,

if you want to have a better life for yourself, that may mean moving to a new city or buying a home. For your vision board, post a photo of a city you’ve always wanted to live in or a house that means a lot to you. Having a better life may mean something more abstract, like having the ability to finish your education. In that case, you can post photos of a school, a graduation cap, or even school supplies.

Vision boards don’t stop at images.

You can include words or phrases that will solidify your dreams and give you clarity. Posting affirmations on your vision board can help you fight those little voices in your head that try to throw you off track. Whether it is a favorite word, a name, song lyrics, or a poem, your chosen affirmation will help you say, “Yes, I can make my dreams a reality.”

Whatever it means to you, choose images and words that embody that feeling of happiness of getting these things in your life. It will reinforce your desires and make you feel that much closer to having them.

If you feel brave enough, share your vision board with us…

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