Why mindset and career coaching

Why I love career coaching

What I do

Although the Law of Attraction is my sweet spot, I love coaching people on their mindset and their career aspiration. As a certified life coach, I help ambitious women get aligned with their core values, desires and gifts so they embrace their dream career and finally live the purposeful and fulfilled life they yearned for. This usually involves finding an ideal job or creating a passion business, but not always.

Hi, I’m Maria thank you for reading this post or visiting my online home.

My Story

The Problem: I was miserable at work

Although I knew as a child that I didn’t want to work in an “office job” it took me up till now to find out what I wanted to do. Too long in my opinion. I spun my wheels a lot, fell into jobs, and despite being later seduced by the corporate world, I found myself stuck and wanting more out of my life.

This time, I was on a mission. a personal journey and challenge.
I was afraid, yes, but the alternative seemed unbearable at the time.

Learning: my saving grace

I only knew one thing: “I had to start over and feed my mind” and find my joy. So I turned to studying online courses and self-help books (initially not for any specific qualification but just for inspiration).
Because, I felt trapped somehow, in my own mind.
I needed more… more room to breathe,
more room for growth, more room for enjoyment… fulfillment.
I needed PURPOSE.

I quickly developed a passion for self-development and mindset in particular as self-belief and self-doubt were what I personally struggled with, the most. Now I help others find their own sweet spot. it’s amazing to see them go from unhappy, overwhelmed or desperate for change to focused, in control, happy and successful in creating the life they envisioned but couldn’t see a path to.

I found career coaching was my zone of genius

My mission is to support female entrepreneurs to create and live a life that lights their hearts by finding their true life purpose, or calling through coaching, and then embracing their perfect career path.

I believe having a fulfilling and career majorly contributes to one’s happiness. Don’t you agree?

Let me know your thoughts about career coaching or if you have any related questions. I’ll make sure to answer directly or through a post if the answer is a long one.

Of course, if you want or need me to look at your particular situation, please book a consult so I can help you more specifically.

To your Success,

Maria xx

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Hello! I’m Maria, a passionate coach, content creator, and blogger dedicated to crafting engaging and inspiring narratives. With a background in painting and life coaching, I bring a unique blend of creativity and empathy to my writing. My work is driven by a deep commitment to personal growth, experiencing fulfillment, and meaningful connections.

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